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I am a native New Yorker and love my city. Learning about different cultures and cuisines is rewarding and feeds my wanderlust spirit. I have traveled as far as China and if I could live out of a suitcase, I would.

The inspiration for The Acquisition came from shopping in one of my favorite stores in New York City.

ABC Carpet and Home on Broadway, is where the first seeds for this story were cultivated and resulted in my debut novel. My passion for design and interiors helped me craft the story of estate buyer Valentina Puig and her world.

Lola, the sprite Jack Russell in The Acquisition, is my own dog and she is exactly as I described her in the book. We share a home with Rafael, my long time partner.

My new book is Finding Hope and it is available through Xlibris Publishing, Amazon, and other book retailers.

I look forward to years of writing stories that will take my readers’ to sunnier shores with intriguing plots and characters.

Happy Reading,

Finding Hope

Finding Hope